Roll Systems, Roll Coverings, Spreader Rolls


Roll Systems, Rubber Roll Coverings and Spreader Rolls by Lüraflex®

Paper Industry

Lueraflex produces a variety of different roll systems for papermaking and converting processes. In particular Lüraflex spreader rolls have proven to be an efficient maintenance-free solution for eliminating folds and stabilising paper webs. They can be used in a variety of positions (PM, SM, online – or offline – calender, cross-cutter, etc).
Product portfolio: Wire rollers, driving rollers, felt rollers, paper rollers, coater rollers, coater backing rollers, splice rollers for flying splice, contact rollers for winders (Sensomat rollers), tambour rollers, pre-heating rollers, spreader rollers.

Plastic Film and Converting Industry

Roll coverings are exposed to very different mechanical, thermal and chemical loads in their applications. The type of application and the load place maximum demands on the material. Lueraflex provides a wide range of different elastomers and roll systems.
Product portfolio: Spreader rollers, draw, transport, guide and deflector rollers, take-up rollers, embossing rollers (matting), resistant to plasticizers, cleaning rollers for chill roller section (CPP machines), base rollers for corona pre-treatment,   pressure rollers for the corona station, laminating pressure rollers, laminating and application rollers, stretching rollers, contact rollers for winding (All Presscoat), air chamber rollers.

Metal Industry

Rubber rolls and reel coverings used in the production, treatment and finishing of steel, stainless steel, aluminium and non-ferrous materials are subjected to extraordinary loads. Besides high mechanical stresses, for example caused by sharp and rough strip edges or welded strip ends, rolls and coverings must often withstand high temperatures and the effects of oil, rolling emulsion and various acids in pickling lines. Lueraflex produces a variety of roll systems for the metalworking industry.
Product portfolio: Pickling rollers, sleeves for wind-off or pay-off reel, sink rollers, draw and brake rollers, squeeze rollers, pinch rollers, pressure rollers, guide rollers, transport rollers, smoothing rollers.
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