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Expansion units by Neuenhauser Vorwald

Neuenhauser Vorwald combine traditional skilled craftsmanship, precision machining, technical innovation and commercial foresight, which is the key to their success in the market. With their high standard of qualifications and training, our customers are guaranteed the highest possible quality and maximum flexibility in the execution of standard and special orders.

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Neuenhauser Vorwald expansion shafts, chucks and adapters

Mechanical Expansion Shafts

These low-maintenance mechanical expansion shafts are suitable for particularly high specification winding requirements. High standards of quality are shown in absolute true running and concentricity. These shafts can be maintained in operation for many years, after which they can be refurbished with replacement of the worn items.
  • Shaft body made of numerous materials with various wall thicknesses.
  • High load capacity of the expansion shafts with very low maintenance.

       410 MULTICORE © Series

  • Special dimensions possible.
  • Reliably mounting a number of narrow individual cores.
  • Achieves maximum possible moments of inertia and minimum bending values.
  • Standard model with individual clamping jaws.
  • Universally applicable, simple structure, easy handling.
  • Long service life.
  • Very high torque transmission.
  • Absolutely concentric clamping.
  • For very narrow or thin-walled cores.

Pneumatic Expansion Shafts

The range of pneumatic shafts are highly robust despite their low weight. Their simple, modular design enables quick exchange of shaft journals and quick repairs. For use in all areas of the paper or plastics processing industries.
  • Standard model with individual expansion ledges.
  • Quick repairs if necessary.
  • Long service life.
  • Low dead weight.
  • High carrying capacity.
  • Fast and uncomplicated repairs.
  • Continuous expansion leaves.
  • Special dimensions are possible.
  • Also for thin-walled cores in which deformation could cause problems.
  • Low dead weight and ease of handling.
  • For wide and very narrow reels.
  • Expanding continuous ledges.
  • Type and number of ledges accordingly to your application.
  • High flexibility.
  • Based on the design of the A series winding shaft.
  • Equipped with freely moving expansion ledges.
  • Can be used winding in both directions.
  • Designed for “light” applications.
  • Length can be adapted as required, even to long lengths.
  • Based on the tried-and-tested design of the MB shafts.
  • Based on the 409 series expansion shaft.
  • Used in “harsh” applications.
  • Characterised by their light but extremely robust design.
  • Based on the principle of the L series expansion shaft.
  • Suitable for narrow sheets and thin-walled cores.
  • Especially when core inner diameters are changed particularly often.
  • Optionally available with and without core stop collars.
  • Simple and inexpensive.
  • For low to medium winding requirements.
  • Special dimensions are possible on request.

Expansion Couplings

The Vorwald expansion couplings are fastened on existing shafts to cater quickly for different diameter sizes and a low weight. They expand either pneumatically or mechanically. Their practical design provides for simple handling.
All expansion couplings can be optionally equipped with surface protection. Versions suitable for the food industry are also possible. The Vorwald expansion couplings can be converted particularly quickly to other core diameters.
  • Standard expansion chucks can be used in almost all winding processes.
  • Their practical design enables fast and simple handling with a long service life.
  • Activation via an external push-rod.
  • For rewinding and unwinding machines in which the required clamping force is applied by axial displacement of the expansion chuck support.
  • Various expansion lug types are available.

       834 Rollmatic ©

  • Expansion chuck expands by means of the existing web tension and is used in unwinders without shafts.
  • The surface of the steel leaves enables maximum possible torque cardboard, steel and plastic cores.
  • Manufactured customer-specifically according to the modular construction principle.
  • Suitable for shaftless rewinding and winding machines with medium torques.
  • Expansion lugs are expanded centrally using a transverse clamping piece.
  • Expansion chucks with individual expansion lugs or expansion leaves can be used universally.
  • Long service life.
  • Expansion is carried out pneumatically/mechanically.

Expansion Chucks

The expansion chucks enable rewinding and unwinding without shafts. Their design ensures particular high torque transmission as well as true running accuracy. Various options such as special dimensions can be implemented to meet customers’ requirements.

Expansion Adapters

The mechanical adapters for pushing onto existing expansion shafts or expansion chucks are used if frequent switches between various core diameters are required.
  • Best option when switching frequently between various core sizes.
  • Manufactured according to Vorwald’s proven modular construction principle to meet the specific requirements.

Shaft Handling

The ever increasing reel weights and dimensions, automated production processes and the growing awareness of occupational health and safety that is resulting in tighter regulations are leading to a shift away from manual expansion shaft handling and towards the implementation of shaft inserters and pullers.
These shaft handling devices are used to pull the expansion shafts out of the finished reel and insert them into the next core.
Neuenhauser Vorwald shaft puller
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