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Oil Condition and Acoustic Monitoring by Parker

Simplex-Turbulo Co Ltd is an official Parker stockist and distributor. The Parker Condition Monitoring tools enable you to make informed operational and maintenance decisions about your critical plant and equipment.
The ability to test on-site at the point of use enables engineers and facilities managers to conduct the analysis quickly and easily. Detecting out-of-spec machinery can identify potential problems, before they become critical. These accurate, reliable and simple-to-use tests ensure you maintain your production line at optimum efficiency.

The Parker Condition Monitoring tools can be purchased online at STCDirect or via the Simplex-Turbulo office. Your Parker contacts are:

Ben Southwick and Mark Purcell

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EasyShip DIGI Water in Oil Test Kit


Maintain and protect your equipment, whilst eliminating damage caused by water in your oil!
The DIGI Water in Oil Test Kit provides state of the art, digital analysis and gives fast, accurate results for easy monitoring of trends. The DIGI Water in Oil Test Kit contains the test cell together with all necessary reagents and equipment for an easy to use, economical test.
At the heart of Parker Kittiwake’s on-site oil test solution range, is the DIGI Test Cell, providing simple, accurate results for Water in Oil and Base Number (BN).
FG-K30258-KW Ferrous Wear Meter (FWM) by Parker

Ferrous Wear Meter (FWM)


The Ferrous Wear Meter (FWM) measures the level of metallic wear in samples taken from oil. It is a simple to use product offering excellent accuracy and reliability.
This unit is ideal for on-site testing and analysis of oils for metallic wear, indicating a high level of mechanical wear. A 5ml test tube filled with the sample is placed directly into the hole in the instrument, and the metallic content in parts per million (PPM) is displayed on the screen in under 2 seconds.
FG-H16111-KH MHC MEMO PRO KIT by Parker

MHC Memo Pro Kit


The MHC Memo Pro is an advanced Acoustic Emission (AE) measurement tool for analysing the mechanical condition of rotating machinery. It detects high-frequency stress waves (at approximately 100 kHz) associated with energy loss mechanisms such as friction and impacts that are naturally produced by machinery in poor condition.
The MHC Memo Pro is not sensitive to low frequency activity such as that associated with vibration or audible sound. The MHC-Memo Pro can be applied to a wide variety of machine types including motors, pumps, fans gearboxes and shaft support bearings. It can be useful in the detection of bearing faults (including faults on plain, ball and roller bearings) and pitting on gear teeth provided there is a good sound path to the gearbox casing.
FG-H11510-KH, MCH Bearing Checker by Parker

MHC Bearing Checker


This hand-held device measures high-frequency Acoustic Emissions (AE) to monitor bearing condition and lubrication state in rotating machinery. The patented MHC sensor gives improved repeatability and is remarkably rugged. Easily attached to multiple machines by its magnetic front, within 10 seconds the sensor displays both dB Level and Distress® values. dB Level is an indication of the overall noise of the bearing and is dependent on speed, degradation and lubrication. Distress® gives an instant indication of the state of the bearing’s health.
The MHC Bearing Checker is powered by an internal rechargeable battery, offering up to 1000 measurements between charges, and is recharged through a micro USB port. The device is provided with its own padded bag.
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